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Unbiased Advice ~ Independent Oversight

Residential Roof Consultant ~ Unbiased Advice ~ Independent Oversight

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Larry Miller, Consultant



A Better Way To Buy Your Roof !

The Solution

Now there exists a unique solution to this challenge.  


It truly is “a better way to buy your roof.”

The Challenge

There are few things more intimidating to the average homeowner than purchasing a new roof for their home. This is the ultimate “blind purchase” and you will seldom spend more money on something you know less about. With the escalating cost of labor and material, it is more critical than ever that you make a well-informed decision.  

The three main tools that a homeowner has at his disposal when making this decision are:

  1. The manufacturer’s warranty.
  2. The roofing contractor’s recommendation.
  3. References from family, friends and associates.  



The Limitations

All of these tools have built-in limitations:

  1. Manufacturers’ warrantees only cover manufacturers’ defects and are no true indicator of the life expectancy of roofing products.
  2. Roofing contractors will always recommend the products that they specialize in installing, not necessarily the ones that best meet your specific needs.
  3. The value of a reference is directly related to the amount of knowledge the person giving the reference has about the service they are referring. Most of your friends and family know just about as much about roofing as you do.

Residential Roof Consultant ~ Unbiased Advice ~ Independent Oversight

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